Hydrometer scale

Hydrometer – The books I have talk about how to use one but its not real clear and how do I know if mine takes readings at 60 degrees or 68?

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  1. I can’t advise you on the scale of your hydrometer – there should have been instructions with it.

    I would try for a relative change – Measure the specific gravity before fermenting and again before you bottle it.

    The degrees of change reflect the sugar to alcohol conversion. In wine the change will be around 4 to 14 degrees.

  2. Sorry, if this is a bit offf topic, but it is for Bill K. at his request: Most homebrewed beers undergo a fermentation in the bottle, giving natural carbonation. This may be a second or third fermentation. They are bottled with a viable yeast population in suspension. If there is no residual fermentable sugar left, sugar may be added. The resulting fermentation generates CO2 which is trapped in the bottle, remaining in solution and providing natural carbonation. I hope that helps Bill. —————you’re welcome. Jim, Hydrometer Guy.

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