Should I keep adding sugar?

I have several carboy’s of wine working and add sugar syrup frequently.  Should I continue adding sugar syrup, as necessary, when the bubbling slows down?  …  When do I stop adding sugar syrup?  Do I continue this process of adding syrup for a year?

One thought on “Should I keep adding sugar?

  1. If you keep adding sugar in any form, the yeast will continue to work it into alcohol.

    The amount of sugar left defines the sweetness of the final brew. The amount that has been converted defines the amount of alcohol.

    I can’t advise you about how much sugar you needed to add – it depends on the recipe and the sweetness of the fruit you used originally.

    When the bubbling subsides next time, taste it – It will probably be quite sweet (!)
    I would leave it to bubble slowly for 3-6 months if it still tastes of the fruit you used. If it tastes like sugar water you will have to chalk it up to experience.

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