Homemade Balloon style Airlock:

homemade airlock for winemaking
Poke the straw into the mouth of the pricked balloon (tape it around the straw if it’s loose) – when gases rise from the wine they will fill the balloon until the hole is opened by the expansion of the balloon. The balloon then continues to “stand up” until fermentation ends and the balloon “flops over” again signalling that it has done.

4 thoughts on “Airlocks

  1. hello my name is larry and a few days ago i started my
    first bottles of wine (cranberry&grapefruit)the smaller bottle i just taped a plastic sandwicth bag around it ,but the second i drilled a
    hole through a cork with a straw threw it with a plastic bag rubber banded around it which way do you think will let out the most
    amount of gases without letting any air back in ?

  2. Depending on how coarse grained the cork is, and how tight the band…
    I am inclined to think that the taped airlock will let less air pass than the band.

  3. Have just read an article about how to make wine. Guess he forgot to include how to set the bottle up. Good thing have searched further and found this once. Thank you for having this posted.

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