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Home Made Wine

Seven steps to your first gallon of Homemade Wine

Rather than scouring the hedgerows for dandelions or elderberries that haven't been hit with pesticide or polluted by car exhaust - forage for your essentials at the supermarket !

      Making homemade wines has been a traditional cottage pastime as long as there have been traditional cottages. Hedgerows and orchards provided the exotic, and now often obscure or expensive, ingredients to produce these wines.

         These wines carry the flavor of the fruits and flavorings used, and they can often be varied from dry to sweet, according to your taste. A good homemade wine is usually better than many cheaper table wines on the market today. 

          Wine making is a great hobby. The equipment is inexpensive and the procedure is not difficult, although some care is required.

          Many of the traditional recipes require long periods of fomentation and a fair amount of searching for the ingredients. But, here is a fast-brewing beginners wine to get you into the hobby and keep your interest while you develop a recipe of your own. You will have vintage months just as the vineyards have vintage years. You'll wish you had made more of one batch and a lot less of another. The beauty of the hobby is the surprise at the end.

Most of the equipment you will need is probably already in your kitchen.

Using the recipe , you will produce a gallon of medium dry rose wine in about 6 weeks

Get the recipe here : CRANBERRY-RASPBERRY WINE

Note :

It is illegal to sell or provide for sale any alcoholic beverage without first obtaining a license to do so. Donations for raffles etc., come under this requirement.

Any wine you make MUST be for your own use.

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