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 I have 40 gallons of pure watermelon juice. I would like to make all of it into wine. I need to know how much of and what chemicals to add. Can I use pure juice or do I have to add water? I would like to use all juice if possible. (M.E.)  

It is hard to advise you about the ingredients for your watermelon wine (especially in such a large quantity). I would first try and gauge how sweet the juice is (watermelons vary a lot).


If you raised the watermelons - did you have to water them a lot, were they very large or just a large crop - small, concentrated watermelon produces the sweetest juice.


Sieve the juice before you start and before you taste it. If you are intent on using all juice and it is sweet to taste, start about a gallon off with some yeast and the juice from 2 lemons. If it is fermenting well a week later (steady bubbling that hasn't subsided since day 2), start the rest.


If fermentation stops abruptly during the week, add about 1 cup of sugar and the lemon juice to another gallon. If you have to add more than a cup and a half to keep it fermenting a week it probably won't make good wine.


If you do a good job sieving it at the beginning, it should be crystal clear and no further chemicals need to be added (and quite potent !) after it stops fermenting. Make sure ALL action has stopped before you decant it into bottles.

The kit I got is a 7 gal. fermenting bucket with a 5 gal. glass carboy most of the recipes I see are for 1 gal. do I just double the ingredients including the yeast?



For a 5 gallon carboy you must increase the recipe quantities by 5 except the yeast which will multiply itself until the food source (sugar) is gone or the alcohol content rises to a level it cannot tolerate. In a larger quantity, be sure to have an even temperature throughout the must before you introduce the yeast (Give it a really good shake !)


You can make just 1 gallon in a 5 gallon carboy - but the chances of contamination are higher because of the extra air in the container. This is especially true of a small quantity in a fermenting bucket. Make sure you cover it completely with a clean cloth.


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